Services I selfhost



Sonarr/Radarr - TV/Movies, 4K TV/Movies, Anime/Movies
Readarr - Sonarr for eBook/Audiobooks
Prowlarr/Jackett - Indexer Management
Plex - Media Server (NAS - Main, VM - Personal, Ubuntu - Music, VPS - Testing)
Notifiarr - Discord chat bot for *ARR notifications
Requestrr - Discord chat bot for *ARR requests
Chibisafe - File hoster
RSSHub/RSSBridge - Generates RSS Feeds for sites without one
FreshRSS - RSS Feed Aggregator/Reader
MonitoRSS - Discord chat bot for RSS Feeds
Calibre - EBook Library Management
Calibre Web - Front End for Calibre Library
Portainer - Docker Web GUI
Synology - NAS & Server for Plex and Docker
Pi-Hole - DNS Ad Blocker
PrivateBin - Encrypted Pastebin
Home Assistant - Smart Home Control System
Kitana - Interface for Plex Plugins
RuTorrent / qBittorrent - Torrent Downloads
JDownloader2 - DDL Downloads


Dashboard - Homer
Wallpaper - Aria the Crepuscolo